Martin Young - Bowstring - Folk, Ceilidh, Barn Dance

English Country Dance

May we introduce ourselves to the music & dance co-ordinators?

English Country Dance WorkshopEnglish Country Dance Workshop

We are a group of experienced musicians and dancers working in the field of English Traditional Music and Country Dancing having facilitated workshops and study days in schools and with various organisations connected with the young as well as adults over the last twenty years. We offer a full day of workshops designed for presentation to schoolchildren up to the age of eleven with live music played on Concertina, Violin, Whistles and Guitar.

We find this to be particularly stimulating for children of all ages – even hard to please teenagers. We enjoy it, too!

The younger children, still dwelling very much in the world of the imagination, from the outset embrace with enthusiasm the concept of the dance while the older children, occasionally reluctant at first, are soon caught up in the movement and rhythm of the music.

They benefit from the structure of the dance which requires interaction and co-operation in small groups while giving an opportunity to explore the skills of spacial awareness.

It should be remembered, however, that the ultimate aim of what is often termed social dance is to have a good time whilst, in an educational setting, learning about and experiencing some important aspects of our cultural heritage.

In our experience English Country Dancing is a valuable educational tool.